Past events

9 April 2021 Roosmaryn Pilgram (Leiden University)
The third party in medical consultation: An analysis of extra participants in discussions with health professionals (abstract)

5 March 2021 Matthew John Hadodo (University of Bern’s Center for the Study of Language and Society
Embodying Istanbul Greek: How language ideologies interact with speaker identities (abstract)

5 February 2021 Nanna Hilton (University of Groningen & EFTA)
Citizen Science and Minority Language Sociolinguistics: the Stimmen Project (abstract)

18 December 2020 Jacomine Nortier (Utrecht University)
Multilingualism in old songs from the Low Countries (abstract)

20 November 2020 Remco Knooihuizen & Max Reuvers (University of Groningen)
The effects of hormone replacement therapy on the speech of transgender men (abstract)

16 October 2020 Marie Jacobs (Ghent University)
The Discursive Construction of Credibility: Storytelling in the Asylum Procedure (abstract)

18 September 2020 Kate Bellamy (Lacito-CNRS), Brechje van Osch (Arctic University of Norway) & M. Carmen Parafita Couto (Leiden University)
Consistent definitions matter! Problematising the ‘heritage’ labels in bilingualism research (abstract)

Felix Ameka (Leiden University)
Communicative Relativity: African ideologies of social interaction and the Cooperative Principle (abstract)Jacomine Nortier (Utrecht University)
TBA (abstract)

Gijsbert Rutten & Iris Van De Voorde (Leiden University)
The historical pluricentricity of Dutch (abstract)

Roxanne Casiez & Marina Terkourafi (Leiden University)
Ecological Validity in Experimental Pragmatics: an experimental politeness case study (abstract)

12 March 2020 Margreet Dorleijn (University of Amsterdam)
Metalinguistic commentary in non-standard, non-prestigious language practices (abstract)

27 February 2020 Alexandra van den Elsen (Ministerie van BZK)
The role of (national) government in the promotion and protection of regional and minority languages in the Netherlands (abstract)

6 February 2020 Cesko Voeten (Leiden University)
The adoption of sound change by sociolinguistic migrants (abstract)

17 January 2020 Heike Pichler (Newcastle University)
Observing the course of discourse-pragmatic change in synchronic data: innit in Multicultural London English (abstract)

5 December 2019: Tom Hoogervorst (Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies)
Translanguaging practices, vulgar language, and metalinguistic comments in late-colonial Indonesia (abstract)

21 November 2019: Heike Wiese (Humboldt-University of Berlin)
Multilingualism as normalcy: exploring the gamut of language use (abstract)

7 November 2019: Peter Slomanson (Tampere University)
Explaining infinitival negation in a new contact language (abstract)

24 October 2019: Frits van der Kuip (Fryske Akademy) en Pieter Duijff (Fryske Akademy / Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Friese taalplanning. Welk Fries? / Fryske taalplanning. Wat Frysk? (abstract)

10 October 2019: Bente Ailin Svendsen (University of Oslo)
Citizen sociolinguistics as science and as methodology – critical perspectives (abstract)

26 September 2019: Dick Smakman (Leiden University)
Second-Language Sociolinguistics: Globalising pronunciation norms for learners (abstract)

16 May 2019: Prof Richard W. Hallett (Northeastern Illinois University, USA)
Critical and Cultural Discourse Analyses of Tourist Phrasebooks (abstract)

2 May 2019: Dr Alison Edwards (Leiden University)
Dutch or ‘another’ language? Language policy at Dutch universities (abstract)

18 April 2019: Dr Nathan Albury (Leiden University)
Language ideology, language attitudes: What’s the difference and does it matter? (abstract)

4 April 2019: Prof Ad Backus (Tilburg University)
Multilingualism in the usage-based era (abstract)

21 March 2019: Dr Maaike van Naerssen (Leiden University)
Explicit efforts of interpersonal alignment in informal interaction: the importance of knowing and showing in Indonesian and Dutch (abstract)

7 March 2019: Prof Christopher Hart (University of Lancaster) — Cognitive Linguistics and Critical Discourse Analysis (abstract)

21 February 2019: Dr Tom Van Hout (University of Antwerp & Leiden University) — Infotaining the imagined audience. How journalists recontextualize politicians’ reported speech (abstract)

7 February 2019: Dr Pelin Onar Valk (Independent researcher) — Ongoing change in Dutch Turkish Subordination: Converging evidence of change regarding finiteness and word order in complex clauses (abstract)

6 December 2018: Nurenzia Yannuar (Leiden University) — The Structure and Development of an Indonesian Youth Language (abstract)

22 November 2018: Rajeshwari V. Pandharipande (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) — Language of Religion: What does it inform the field of Linguistics? (abstract)

8 November 2018: Nicholas Kontovas (Leiden University) — Turkish Queer slang: Language contact and the construction of non-ethnic identity (abstract)

25 October 2018: Cynthia Groff (Leiden University) — Language and Belonging: Policy, ideology, and minority youth in India, Québec and The Netherlands

11 October 2018: Leonie Cornips (Maastricht University) — Tensions around growing up bidialectal in a standardised world

27 September 2018: Nathaniel Gernez (IFRA Nairobi) How can ethnography contribute to the study of daily life multilingual practices? Small talk and authority in a tree nursery of the Iringa region, Tanzania.

1 May 2018 (16:00-17:00 | LIPSIUS room 2.27): John Edwards (St. Francis Xavier University & Dalhousie University) — The Prescriptivism of Language “Rights”

24 April 2018: Hannah De Mulder (Leiden University) — Figuring out what they feel: The role of narrative fiction in understanding others’ mental states

10 April 2018: Janet Fuller (University of Groningen) — ‘Ein Biodeutscher wie ich’: Discourses of National Belonging in German Newspaper Comments

27 March 2018: Simanique Moody — Investigating Dialect Attrition in Bidialectal African Americans ***CANCELLED***

6 March 2018: Leonie Cornips (The Meertens Institute) — Tensions around growing up bidialectal in a standardised world

20 February 2018: Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade — Multilingual The Hague

6 February 2018: Marina Terkourafi — Research ethics for ethnographic research (best practices share session) — download PPT

23 November 2017: Aone van Engelenhoven — Language Folklore and Language Ideology in Exile: The Moluccan Migrant Community in The Netherlands

9 November 2017: George Saad — Variation and shift in a Papuan speech community

26 October 2017: Gulnaz Sibgatullina — Construction of “sacredness” and piety in Islamic Russian

19 October 2017: Fiona McLaughlin (University of Florida) — The materiality of urban Wolof: The sociolinguistics of everyday writing practices in Dakar

12 October 2017: Eduardo Alves Vieira — Is the future of Portuguese predictable?

28 September 2017: Morana Lukač — Language guardians: The role of mass media in linguistic prescriptivism

14 September 2017: Maarten Mous — Reconstructing the history of the mixed language Ma’á/Mbugu through its lexicon